Thrive Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Fruits

  • ONE Ingredient: All of our fruit is ONLY fruit!! No preservatives or junk!
  • No Added Sugar: We never add sugar or salt to our fruits and veggies!
  • No Waste: Already washed and chopped for you! ZERO waste! You only pay for what you eat!

Why Thrive Freeze Dried Foods?

Great food, long 10-20 year shelf life, nutritious, tasty and of courseNUTRILOCK!!

Thrive Life Freeze dried Vegetables

  • Full of Nutrients: Our Nutrilock Promise insures that our produce has as close to what nature intended as possible.
  • Tested: Because not only is quality our top priority so is food safety. All food is tested for biologicals before it hits the freeze-driers and after!
  • Fresher than Fresh: You aren’t going to be able to tell the difference. Did you just pick it? Or just you just grab a handful out of the can?

THRIVE-ийн шинэ RUVI ундаа

Fruits and Veggies Nothing Else.Илүү их судла

Руки хөлдөөж хатаасан жимс нь эрүүл

Thrive Life нь илүү хялбар болгосон (илүү амттай байдаг) жимс, хүнсний ногоогоо хөлдөөсөн хуурай нунтаг ашиглан. Рувви бол бүхэл бүтэн жимс, ногоо юм, эрүүл эслэг, өөр юу ч агуулаагүй, тэдгээр тэжээлүүд болон бүх амтыг дарсан дээд хэсэгт нь хатааж хатаана!